Wednesday, 25 December 2013

bleak this midwinter

As I sit here and strong winds batter at the windows, I am feeling pretty bleak. 
Yesterday I was out picking up the from the roadside,the beer cans and cigarette packs and plastic bottles and sweet wrappers of our seasonal binge.  A few days before, I was walking along the coastal path in Lerwick picking up litter which seemed poised to blow into the sea while less than 20ft away a seal hunted for food. 
While lugworms and other species are threatened by us washing our clothes,, among other things, while  peak oil may already have happened, with all the consequent stresses it will bring...
In the UK the government has gone fracking mad and said that over 60% of the UK could be open to fracking, while proposing to change the planning regulations so individuals will not need to be notified and also that the taxpayer will pay the cleanup costs .  And seems to be making moves to silence protest

At both the personal and political level, or indifference to the planet and the consequences of our lifestyles is chilling.  despite the heroism of activists and the fine words of political promises, the corporatized ecocide rolls on.  I have no hope that 2014 will prove significantly different. 
While I think that collapse will bring about radical change, I fear it will be too late for so many