Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Biodiversity Offsetting, and the ecocide

Biodiversity Offsetting is being discussed in the UK, Personally I believe it is likely to be a huge disaster for British Wildlife.  When you look at  the permission to destroy Robin and Starling nests or the ongoing ecocide for sport in the Scottish Highlands , with raptor poisoning and all the other ills.  
In my opinion, we need to be gearing up to fight this, through legal and other means, we need to be preparing our blockades and spikes, and other Direct Action tools, as it seems (and you only have to look at fracking in the UK) that our governments are not serving the people, but serving the corporate.
The underlying thing is that our whole economic system is ecocidal, turning the lifeweb into commodities for our consumption, it is not "on the label"  in most cases, but we are responsible, our lives are built on the backs of others and if  we do not end our addiction, it will kill us, and so much else

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