Sunday, 3 August 2014

Arctic methane detected

Dr Jason Box, who runs the Dark Snow Project, and colleagues have discovered "vast methane plumes escaping from the seafloor of the Laptev continental slope. " , as a release from Stockholm University puts it. 
Chief Scientist Orjan Gustafsson speculates on his blog "...that the leaking methane from the seafloor of the continental slope may have its origins in collapsing  methane hydrates" 
That is pretty terrifying!  Especially, when you add in the Siberian "hellmouths"  as well.
 While our politicians are still talking about a 2 degrees C mean temperature rise, while more oil has been found in the West of Shetland (and has become an issue in the Independence debate), while we subsidise fracking and drilling, drive our cars, heat our homes and run our mowers....

To my mind the whole clathrate gun hypothesis is looking increasingly prescient. 
What can I Dr Jason Box tweeted,  We might all be "fucked"!

As a post script, I was reading a bit about past climate and methane and came across the Storegga Slide.  Methane hydrate release has been posited as one of the causes....

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