Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The corporate ecocide and the criminalisation of protest

While in the UK we have seen some of this criminalisation and violence by police at the anti-fracking protests, there has been good news with regard to many of the protestors going free. 
In other parts of the world, folks are not so lucky. 
While mining companies are gearing up to devastate Lapland,   in Guatemala, indigenous Mayans are fighting against gold mining and being targeted by private security firms.  This does not bode wellfor the protest mobilising against the "Monsanto Bill" passed by the Guatemalan Congress. 
In France, the fight for the Sivens forest continues with protestors being injured to make way for "development". 
And in Tasmania, protestors face massive fines and mandatory prison sentences to try to deter them from protecting Australia's ancient forests from logging. 
The common theme here is capitalism.  Commodification of the planet and ecocide for profit.  It is the same story with our Oil and Gas industry, it is all about the money.
Unless we change this, I see no real hope

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