Friday, 10 January 2014

2014, so far,so grim

The year does not seem to be starting well.
In the UK, despite warnings from the government's chief scientific advisor, Sir David King, The government is cutting funding to DEFRA, which will make it harder to deal with future flooding.
Our Environment Secretary, Owen Patterson, is also busy promoting GMO technology and the robotisation of agriculture, despite the UK facing a drastic decline in our honeybee population.
In the US, the weakening Jet Stream has led to many suffering from a sudden freeze and led some of the climate change deniers to show their ignorance.
Greenland has approved worrying mining and drilling proposals, in it's attempt to break with Denmark
For me though, by far the most worrying news is the Trans-Atlantic Free Trade Agreement (TAFTA)  between the US and the EU, which would allow corporations to sue nations for "compensatory damages"  when their profits have been "damaged" by for example banning GMOs, preventing Fracking, preventing mining operations in certain areas.  I can see this just ramping up the ecocide to a whole new level.